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Cine Excess X: Cult Genres, Traditions and Bodies: A Decade of Excess

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Darren Elliott-Smith - Invited speaker

2016 Roundtable panel, discussion ‘The Golden Age of TV Horror’, Cine Excess X, Birmingham City University November 2016. Panel with Dr Stacey Abbott (Reader in Film and Television Studies) and Dr Lorna Jowett (Reader in Film and TV, University of Northampton). This round table will debate, examine and reflect on the evolution of horror on television and its popularity in the last 10 years. When Stacey Abbott and Lorna Jowett hatched the idea for a book on TV Horror in the early 2000s, and subsequently presented papers on the topic at various Cine-Excess conferences over the years, they had only a sense that by the time the book was published in 2012 there would be many more horror TV series to watch, write about and discuss. With the phenomenal success of The Walking Dead, as well as The Strain, True Blood, iZombie, Ash vs The Evil Dead, the cult fandoms surrounding In the Flesh and Hannibal, and recent Netflix successes including From Dusk till Dawn, Scream and the summer hit Stranger Things, a new horror boom is in full swing. In 2016 the appetite for horror on TV continues unabated, and Jowett and Abbott are joined on this panel by Darren Elliott-Smith, author of the recently published Queer Horror Film and Television: Masculinity and Sexuality at the Margins and Rebecca Janicker, editor of a forthcoming collection on American Horror Story. Both Elliot-Smith and Janicker’s work focuses on AHS, a series that has challenged the genre and particularly the structure of television serial drama. In choosing to switch characters (and actors), setting (geographical and temporal), and premise with each new season, AHS becomes a horror anthology series like no other. It is not alone in innovating and pushing the boundaries of horror on TV. The panellists will tackle questions of TV horror as just another form of TV, as a form of horror with a distinctive flair for storytelling, of different national TV contexts and industries, of TV’s fanboy-auteurs and televisual Masters of Horror, of changing audiences and new delivery platforms potentially affecting how horror on TV is produced and consumed. Recurrent themes and preoccupations of TV horror are also up for debate—aesthetics and FX, excess, the body, deviance and (ab)normality, gore and violence, sex and sexuality, queerness and gender, power and morality. Structures of horror on TV, particularly those most aligned with the nature of television’s existing models, inevitably come under scrutiny, with seriality, anthology and episodic versions tackled, as well as combinations of horror with other genres, including comedy and children’s drama. Stacey Abbott is a Reader in Film and Television Studies at the University of Roehampton. She is the author of Celluloid Vampires (2007), Angel: TV Milestone (2009) and Undead Apocalypse: Vampires and Zombies in the 21st Century (2016) and is the co-author, with Lorna Jowett, of TV Horror: Investigating the Dark Side of the Small Screen (2012). She is also the editor of Reading Angel: The TV Spin-off with a Soul (2005) and co-editor, with David Lavery, of TV Goes to Hell: An Unofficial Road Map to Supernatural (2011). She has published extensively on the horror genre on film and TV and is currently writing about Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal. Darren Elliott-Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Television at the University of Hertfordshire. He is the author of the recently published Queer Horror in Film and Television: Masculinity and Sexuality at the Margins (2016). He has published many articles and contributed chapters on queerness, gender and sexuality in horror to edited collections from Palgrave Macmillan, IB Tauris and MacFarland Press. He is currently writing a chapter on the Queer American South in Horror and is working on an edited collection focusing on Queer Horror Aesthetics with Dr John Browning (Georgia Institute of Technology). Rebecca Janicker is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Media Studies at the University of Portsmouth, UK. She received her PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2014 and her thesis was published in 2015 by McFarland as The Literary Haunted House: Lovecraft, Matheson, King and the Horror in Between. Her edited collection Reading ‘American Horror Story’: Essays on the Television Horror Franchise is forthcoming. She has previously published on the Gothic fictions of Robert Bloch, Stephen King, Richard Matheson and H. P. Lovecraft Lorna Jowett is a Reader in Television Studies at the University of Northampton, UK where she teaches some of her favourite things, including horror, science fiction, and television, sometimes all at once. She is co-author with Stacey Abbott of TV Horror: Investigating The Dark Side of the Small Screen, author of Sex and the Slayer: A Gender Studies Primer for the Buffy Fan, and editor of the collection Time on TV. She has published many articles on television, film and popular culture, with a particular focus on genre and representation and her next book examines gender in the new Doctor Who universe.
12 Nov 2016

Cine Excess X: Cult Genres, Traditions and Bodies: A Decade of Excess

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