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Simeon Nelson - Speaker

London Laser Talks on the intersection of art, science and technology Nov 15, University of Westminster Simeon Nelson and Simon Walker-Samuel Anarchy in the Organism Art Science Collaboration case study. Just so, I maintain, does a given experience, taken in one context of associates, play the part of a knower, of a state of mind, of 'consciousness'; while in a different context the same undivided bit of experience plays the part of a thing known, of an objective 'content.' In a word, in one group it figures as a thought, in another group as a thing. And, since it can figure in but both groups simultaneously we have every right to speak of it as subjective and objective, both at once. William James, Radical Empiricism How does an art-science collaboration change the participants? What type of new knowledge is created? How is the research of the scientist partner affected? This talk on Anarchy in the Organism, a Wellcome funded project with UCH that looked at cancer as a complex system, addresses the above questions. Simon will talk about how his research was affected by the collaboration and Simeon will talk on the first two questions referring to radical empiricism, William James’s method of enquiry that encompasses the arts and sciences and circumvents oppositional notions of objectivity and subjectivity. When artist or scientist practice radical empiricism, differences are more bridgeable and connections between things as well as ourselves are taken into account. This allows for a greater transference of meaning between audience, artwork and artist, between collaborators and systems of knowledge.
15 Nov 2016

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