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Lewis Stockwell - Speaker

Karen Smith - Speaker

Philip Woods - Speaker

A significant feature of contemporary higher education involves the concept, however elusive, of ‘partnerships’. It appears, for the most part, a pragmatic solution to the significant changes to academic-student relationships, which on surface observation appears sound. As one develops a critical view, however, it becomes clear that all is not what it seems. As part of a funded project, we have developed a philosophically-informed typology of partnerships that outlines four types of partnership and their defining features. The typology is intended to be helpful to both academics and students seeking to work in partnership. We built on Aristotle’s analysis of Friendship to develop the typology and identify practical questions to support critical thinking on higher education pedagogical partnerships. The implications of the typology and the critical questions to explore stakeholder expectations of partnership in contemporary higher education will be discussed.
6 Dec 2017

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NameSociety for Research in Higher Education

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