University of Hertfordshire


Period1 Feb 2018


TitleFirst conference on digitalisation in Air Traffic Management, IFATCA, Geneve January 2018. Available at:
CountryUnited Kingdom
DescriptionIn the area of socio-technical systems changing the behavior of the human component might warrant an understanding of how other components, which might be ‘soft’ like culture, values, pressures, or ‘hard’ like procedures, hardware, software, have made in the past the to-be-changed behavior plausible, intelligible if not functional. Human cognition does not just interact with, but is a reflection of, the institutional order, and cultural and historical praxis. How human beings will adapt to or adopt the required changes, will somewhat be shaped by how other interacting components will change to make those adaptions/adoptions functional and meaningful with respect to a broader context that often goes well beyond that considered by designers, procurers and Regulators.
PersonsPaola Amaldi, Marc Baumgartener


In recent years both NATS and CAA UK have been investing some effort to elicit from aviation stakeholders (pilots, ATCOs, airliner, regulators, engineers manufacturers) main concerns about current and future automation scenarios in Civil Aviation. Various techniques from Delphi, to brainstorming, open ended questionnaires, round table discussions, have generated a wealth of statements encapsultig these views. We have scrutinised these data with two objectives: a) identify main themes, as they were raised by different groups of stakeholders and b) characterise the nature of the debate through a cultural analysis of power relations.