University of Hertfordshire

  1. CHEER: Evaluating the use of a population measure of child development in the Healthy Child two-year review

    Nash, A., Kendall, S., Braun, A., Bastug, G. & Bedford, H.

    Project: ResearchContract Research

  2. TOPSE Impact

    Nash, A. & Welland, S.

    Project: ResearchResearch Grant

  3. Patient Involvement in Renal Units

    Jones, J., Mathie, E., Smiddy, J., Da Silva Gane, M. & Marks, S.

    £7,169.00, NIHR CLAHRC East of England


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  4. Evaluation of Schools mental health programme

    Burn, A., Rogers, S., Murray, S. & Wills, W.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  5. How do Dementia Friendly Communities involve those further along the dementia trajectory

    Goodman, C. & Darlington, N.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  6. 25: Lives seen through food. An exhibition

    Wills, W. & Dickinson, A.


    Project: OtherTravel or Conference

  7. Changing conceptions: revisiting lesbian parents and their children

    Almack, K.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant, Research Grant

  8. PhD Studentship

    Jones, J. & Goodman, C.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  9. PPI-04 Completing the Feedback Cycle II: Implementation and evaluation of a regional PPI feedback tool.

    Mathie, E., Wythe, H. & Jones, J.

    £7,444.00, NIHR CLAHRC East of England, £54,114.00, National Institute for Health Research


    Project: Research

  10. PPI-06 An evaluation of PPI in research in the CLAHRC East of England

    Jones, J.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

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