University of Hertfordshire

  1. LMS Learning and Teaching small grant 2017

    Rial, M. & Walker, C.

    Project: ResearchResearch Grant

  2. Collaboration with National Institute of Health Sciences on addictions

    Corazza, O. & Negri, A.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  3. Does Measuring Patient Experience of Kidney Care Benefit Patients?

    Hawkins, J., Farrington, K., Wellsted, D. & Busby, A.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  4. Cardiac Arrest Awareness

    Casarin, A. & Wellsted, D.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  5. East of England Clinical Research Network CI Support fund

    Wellsted, D., Farrington, K. & Fineberg, N.

    £27,526.00, East of England Clinical Research Network


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  6. Cytokine Study with the AirSeal® System in robotic Urology

    Vasdev, N.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  7. NIHR East of England Research Design Service (3)

    Wellsted, D.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  8. Neuroprotective properties of serotonin 5-HT1A receptor agonists in models of Parkinson’s disease

    Iravani, M.

    £20,000.00, Neurolixis


    Project: OtherContract Research, Other

  9. Gender Equality in Psychology Careers

    Sharma, S.


    Project: OtherResearch Grant

  10. Rational development of a novel optical detection methodology for 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP)

    Calvo-Castro, J. & Gerstmann, L.


    Project: ResearchResearch Grant

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