University of Hertfordshire

Dr Andreas Kukol PhD Dipl-Chem PgCert FIBMS FHEA

Andreas Kukol

Dr Andreas Kukol PhD Dipl-Chem PgCert FIBMS FHEA

Postal address:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


Research interests

We are interested in the structure and function of bio-macromolecules in biological systems. We use methods of computational biochemistry, biological chemistry, biophysics and bioinformatics to address topics such as antiviral drug target characterisation, cardiac transmembrane protein-protein interaction and oligonucleotide-based biosensors for pathogens.

More details, downloads and current job opportunities can be found on the Research Group Page.

Visiting researchers with their own funding are welcome. Additionally, I will support applications for research fellowships and PhD studentships via overseas or EU/UK funding organisations, for example the EU-funded Marie-Curie Actions. Please see the Research Degrees page.

Teaching specialisms

Protein Structure, Enzyme Kinetics, Nitrogen Metabolism, Fluorescence, Protein-Ligand Binding, Membrane Proteins, Single Molecule Methods, Computational Biochemistry, Industrial Enzymology

Commercial and public engagement

The book 'Molecular Modeling of Proteins' covers molecular dynamics simulations, force fields, normal modes and essential dynamics, free energy calculations, membrane proteins, protein structure determination, protein folding and drug design.

Press coverage of research:


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