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Dr. Christopher Benham


  • Department of Clinical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Centre for Health Services and Clinical Research
  • Basic and Clinical Science Unit
  • Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Sciences
  • TRP Ion channels
  • School of Life and Medical Sciences
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University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom



Chris Benham is an electrophysiologist with 18 years experience working in R&D in the pharmaceutical industry. His early academic interests were in the cardiovascular area, and this broadened to ion channel drug discovery in the CNS with a continuing focus on calcium permeable ion channels. At GSK he was instrumental in setting up and developing the companies interest in the TRP family of ion channels.

The current focus of Dr Benham’s research continues this interest and is examining the function of TRP family members in sensory systems, the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract with a number of collaborators including GSK. There is a particular focus on TRP channel dysfunction in disease. His lab uses single cell electrophysiological and calcium imaging techniques and in vitro intact tissue models.

Areas of interest:

TRP channel biology
1) The contribution of TRPV1 channels on intracellular membranes to TRPV1 signalling

1) Modulation of TRPV1 function in diabetic neuropathy
2) TRP channel dysfunction in vascular endothelium in diabetes