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Edina Harbinja

Dr Edina Harbinja



Edina is a senior lecturer in law and the LLM programme leader at the University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Law School.

Her doctoral thesis, “Legal aspects of transmission of digital assets on death”, analyses legal issues surrounding transmission of digital assets on death. It explores theories of property and contract and Intellectual property and the theoretical and practical possibilities of applying these concepts in the digital realm and on a range of digital assets. Finally, having determined the nature of these assets, the thesis examines the potential of transmitting some of them and/or their value on death. An important consideration related to all these issues is post-mortem privacy, which is an area where Edina is a pioneer and a leading expert. 

Her PhD research was funded by the Horizon Digital Economy Hub, Nottingham, and forms part of the work programme of the RCUK funded Centre for Creativity, Regulation, Enterprise and Technology (CREATe – see www. It is also supported by the University of Strathclyde King Hugh Fund and the Clark Foundation Scotland.

Her research has a policy and multidisciplinary focus and aims to explore different options for regulation of online behaviours and phenomena. She has been a visiting scholar and an invited speaker at universities and conferences in the USA, Latin America and Europe, and has undertaken consultancy for the Fundamental Rights Agency. Her research has been cited by legislators, courts and policymakers in the US and Europe as well. Before moving to the UK, she was a youth and human rights activist in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Edina is a member of the Open Rights Group (ORG) Advisory Council and the British and Irish Law, Education and Technology (BILETA) Executive Committee. 

Find her on Twitter at @EdinaRl.

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