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Dr Ermioni Xanthopoulou


I am Lecturer in Law, a full time permanent faculty member of the School of Law, Criminology and Political Science, teaching Public, EU and Human Rights Law. My expertise is in EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice and I successfully defended my PhD thesis in December 2016. My thesis offers an original contribution to the field of EU Constitutional and AFSJ Law, examining the impact and limitations of the principle of proportionality in the context of mutual recognition instruments, such as the European Arrest Warrant and the Dublin III Regulation. I conducted my doctoral studies at King’s College London with the unique full-time three year scholarship from the prestigious Centre of European law. Before joining the University of Hertfordshire, I taught EU law at the London School of Economics, volunteered at Amnesty International and completed my Legal Practice Training. Therefore, I am a qualified advocate in Greece. Moreover, a managing editor of the UH Law, Criminology and Politics Blog, a member of the Society of Legal Scholars of the UK, of the Research Group on International Law & Politics and EU Law and of the Research Group on Criminology and Criminal Justice.
I have presented at international conferences and published in the field of EU criminal law and I continue working on several research projects on a. Proportionality in Mutual Trust in the Area of Freedom Security and Justice (AFSJ), b. Reconsidering the Presumption of Mutual Trust and the Principle of Mutual Recognition in the AFSJ, c. Effective Protection of Fundamental Rights and the European Arrest Warrant. Furthermore, I have been working on a book proposal, based on my PhD, titled ‘Proportionality and Mutual Trust in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice’. I am interested in expanding my research on other areas such as the external aspect of the AFSJ and particularly regarding EU Asylum and human rights law and the implications of Brexit with criminal and asylum Law.
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