University of Hertfordshire

Dr Guogang Ren Reader in Nanomaterials


Guogang Ren

Dr Guogang Ren Reader in Nanomaterials


Postal address:
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


Research interests

Preparation, characterisation of functional nanomaterials, their biological functionality and their dispersibility in fluids. Nanoparticle dispersing processes involved bio-engineering fluids which can be analysed by using a nanoparticle tracking analyser (NTA) for determining the particle sizes and size distributions in fluids, i.e. water, saline, PBS, FBS and SBF.  The project related is now funded by EPSRC (2016-19) and was supported by DTI AVNP consortium (£3.2M) from 2006-10).  

Composite processing and characterisation were my interests covered carbon, glass, and recently natural fibre composites (i.e. SMC/DMC, Resin Infusion, Pultrusion, Autoclave, etc.). These were sponsored by EPSRC/BRE, and DTI/TSB grants before2016. The materials applications covered energy, aerospace, automotive and building constructions.

My interest in nuclear waste management involved inorganic clay minerals/silicates for engineered barrier system (EBS) for HLW/SF disposal, which covered silicate minerals, and stainless steels for the new types of repository canisters.

Teaching specialisms

Teach, supervise, and mentor UG and PG students, focussing on following modules:

- Material Sciences & Engineering (1st Year module)

- Polymers and Ceramics (2rd Year module)

- Design and Manufacturing with CAD/CAM-Catia (1st + 2nd Years modules)

- Aerospace Materials and Manufacturing (3rd Year module)

- Polymer composites for automotive body panels (MSc)

Oversee final year projects of undergraduate students (over 10 per year).

Work with master level students (~5 per year), with main focus on materials for automotive, aerospace, structures and general mechanical engineering applications.