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Jane Hardy

Professor Jane Hardy


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University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom


My broad research interests lie in the area of global political economy. This is reflected in my Editorship of the inter-disciplinary journal Competition and Change. I am particularly interested in new divisions of labour generated by movements of capital (foreign investment) and labour (migration). I have a specific interest in the transformation of post-communist economies in Europe, and Poland in particular. Theoretically, I have been concerned with developing a radical critique of the restructuring of these economies. Empirically, the research has been focused on the role of foreign direct investment and the way that it has been a source of uneven development between and within countries. This has included an investigation of the recent trend of relocating some business services to the region. Polish labour markets and the migration of workers to the UK have been areas of study, with a focus on the role of cross border collaboration of Polish and UK trade unions.

My research and publications on regional development, and the gender and class impacts of change have been underpinned by a concern with the lives of ordinary people and how they have contested neoliberalism. A longstanding interest in Polish labour markets and trade unions is reflected in an ESRC project on Cross Border Trade Union Collaboration and Polish Migrant Workers in the UK. A book Restructuring Krakow: Desperately Seeking Capitalism (1996 with Al Rainnie) was an early account of transformation. More recently, Poland's New Capitalism was published in 2009 and translated into Polish and published in Warsaw in 2010. Current research is examining the mechanism and impacts of the 2008 crisis and continued recession in the EU New Member States of Central and Eastern and Europe. A particular focus is the mobility of health workers within the EU, and how the marketisation of health in the EU has led to protest and new forms of industrial relations.

In addition, I have done some research on the challenges to China’s transforming economy in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. I am currently engaged in a project that examines organisational innovation in Chinese firms in response to changes in the labour market.

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