University of Hertfordshire

Professor Kathleen Anne Lewis BSc, PhD, MIEMA, FIAP



Research interests

Kathy's research, and that of AERU, is mainly concerned with developing, assessing and encouraging on-farm implementation of agri-environmental policy. It is funded by a wide range of different organisations from European, wider international and national government bodies, industry and NGO's. Topics addressed are broad but are mainly concerned with the environmental assessment of farming practices, environmental labelling of produce, fate and transport of agricultural pollutants and climate change mitigation and adaptation. More recently Kathy has worked on the exposure of residents and byystanders to agricultural pesticides, regulation of livestock feed additives and their potential environmental benefits, and on various climate change projects.

Commercial and public engagement

Kathy is listed on the European Food Safety Authority expert consultant database. She is also an affiliate member of the IUPAC Committee on Crop Protection Chemistry and served a five-year period on the Crop Protection Committee of the Society of Chemical Industry.