University of Hertfordshire

Professor Marc Brown



PhD students supervised

Zhoujing Zhou (Completed August. 2000; Chinese Government funded) Spray-dried peptide formulations for transdermal powdered delivery

Manita Hanpanitcharoen (Completed Sept. 2000; Thailand Government funded) Hyaluronan induced targeting of drugs to the epidermis

Tahir Nazir (P/T, Completed Aug.. 2004; Industrially funded). The dermal delivery and localisation of drugs

Shahira Amr (Completed May. 2002; Self funded). An investigation of novel vesicle type formulations for intradermal drug delivery

Sian Lim (Completed Feb. 2001; Self funded) -Winner of the EMI Graduate Student Outstanding Manuscript Award at AAPS 2001. An investigation of novel microparticulate mucoadhesive formulations for nasal drug delivery

Francesca Rytlewski (completed Sept 2002,EPSRC funded). Pharmaceutically engineered systems for transdermal absorption.

Yong-Hong Liao (Completed Nov 2002; Industrially and ORS funded). Pharmaceutical development of protein/peptide powder formulations

Rebecca Ingram  (Completed March 2003; KCLA studentship). A novel topical approach for the treatment
of schistosomiasis

Abdul Quadir (completed October 2004; EPSRC studentship. Spray dried formulations for the pulmonary delivery of peptides and proteins

Tracey Garnier (completed Sept 2004, Sir Halley Stewart Trust funded). Novel approaches to the topical treatment of cutaneous leishmoniasis

Stuart Jones (completed April 2005, MedPharm and KCL funded). Protein/peptide formulations for pulmonary delivery

Weijiang He(completed October 2005, KCL funded). An investigation into the mode of action of
hyaluronan in topical formulations

Franklyn Akomeah (Completed October 2005, Industrially  funded). Development of novel transdermal drug delivery devices

Barbara Jff (Completed Sept. 2005, EPSRC funded). Investigating the dissolution of amorphous and semi-amorphous particles in simulated lung fluid

Fergus Manford (completed  February. 2006, Industrially funded). Drug targeting to the lung

Emily Cooper (completed Nov 2005, Sir Halley Stewart funded). The use of imaging technology to investigate the inhibition of schistosome cercarial penetration of human skin

Gihan Nananyakkara (completed March 2006, MedPharm and KCL funded). Development
of novel topical penetration enhancers

Marlise Santos (completed Feb. 2006, Brazilian Space Agency funded). Nasal drug delivery in
zero gravity

See Wah Tang (Completed July. 2008, EPSRC/RSC funded). The use of dynamic mechanical analysis for the detection and quantification of amorphous content in pharmaceutical powders  

David Potter (P/T completed July 2009, industrially funded). The development of cannabis based medicinal

Mark Lakeram (Completed March. 2007, EPSRC funded). Novel topical formulations for drug
delivery to the skin

Rajeshree Khengar (Completed November 2009, industrially funded). Novel topical formulations for ungual
drug delivery

Mojgan Moddaresi (Completed July 2010, Institute of Cosmetic Science funded). The assessment of some cosmetic formulations

Monica Reid (completed July. 2009, industrially funded). The development of novel MDA systems for topical drug delivery.

Yanjun Zhao (Completed November. 2009, Dorothy Hodgkin funded). Novel nanoformulations.

Hadjer Nacer (Completed Oct. 2009, Algerian Government funded). Nanoparticulate nasal formulations.

Kirsten Staff (Completed June 2010, Industrially funded). The development of novel topical formulations for wound healing.

Sarah Fiala (completed March. 2010, Algerian Government funded). Eutectic topical formulation development.

Daniel Wood (Completed September 2010, EPSRC funded). Development of thermoregulating topical drug delivery systems.

Iris Palmer (Completed December 2010 SoP funded). Novel particulate formulations for the treatment of skin infection.

Faiza Benouda (Completed September 2010, Algerian Government funded). Dermal formulations and supersaturated residual drug activity


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