University of Hertfordshire

Dr Pan Cao


Research interests

  • 5G mobile communications
  1. millimeter-wave communication
  2. green communications
  3. secure communications
  4. multi-antenna systems
  • Signal processing for radar and communications;
  1. antenna array signal processing
  2. target detection & imaging
  • Big data driven intelligent large scale wireless networks
  1. appliation of machine learning in wireless networks
  2. scheduling optimization in complicated large scale networks
  • Convex/non-convex optimization
  1. novel non-convex optimization algorithm design
  2. low rank constrainted optimization
  3. multi-objective optimization



  • 6ENT1014 - Satellite Terrestrial Communication Systems (@UH 2017/2018 Semester B)

  • 7ENT1050 - Broadband Networks And Data Communications (@UH 2017/2018 Semester B) 

  • 7ENT1054 - Digital Mobile Communication Systems (@UH 2018/2019 Semester A)



I'm currently looking for highly motivated PhD candidates who want to work with me.

Self-funded or Government-funded students/visiting scholars can be accepted all year around. We will also provide support for candidates to apply for the external fund.
Please drop me an email with your CV at anytime.

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