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Dr Phyllis Illari



My core concern is the Metaphysics, Epistemology and Methodology of Causality in the Sciences, but I have wide research interests in Philosophy of Science, particularly Philosophy of Biology and Psychology, the still-expanding Mechanisms debate, and the relatively new but vibrant Philosophy of Information.  I also enjoy Plato, and can never entirely resist Political Philosophy, which I don't have time to research, but love to teach.

I have recently completed a project 'Mechanisms and Causality' funded by the Leverhulme Trust, working with Jon Williamson at Kent.  This examined mechanisms across the sciences, their relation to causal explanation and causal inference, and so to developing metaphysical thinking about causality. See:

I help run a causality research network in Europe, with colleagues at Kent, Ghent, Rotterdam and Paris.  See:

I am working on an AHRC network project on Evidence and the Mechanisms Hierarchy, which looks at the problems of causal inference using mechanisms.  This is in collaboration with Federica Russo and Jon Williamson at Kent, and with Brendan Clarke and Donald Gillies at UCL STS:

I am just beginning work at Hertfordshire on an AHRC knowledge transfer project on information quality, working with Luciano Floridi, and in collaboration with Google UK.

I am currently developing a new project on causality as information-transmission, and another on comparing physics and biology.

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