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David Turner (Recipient)

About the award: Awarded to a member of staff or team of staff who have, in the opinion of the Nominator(s), enhanced our international renown for research-rich education that produces creative, professional and enterprising graduates through one or more of the following:

- Providing expert teaching informed by research, business and the professions

- Fostering inquiry, critical thinking and curiosity through inclusive, intellectually challenging courses

- Strengthening professional partnerships to enhance graduates’ employability

- Offering workplace engagement and overseas learning opportunities

- Developing students’ social and global awareness

NOMINATION = David works tirelessly to enhance the student experience and inspire students to be the best that they can be. He has initiated an 'Aristotelian Habits Club' to encourage intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and debate amongst students. David is currently working on his EdD, which further demonstrates his dedication to education, and doing so largely in his own time due to limited allowance being available in his workload. At the same time, he devotes himself to disseminating his thirst for knowledge by stimulating inquiry amongst students wherever possible. In particular, he has a way of giving final year project students the right questions rather than the answers so that they can enjoy powerful learning experiences. He is an accomplished facilitator of academic development through autonomous endeavour, and this has resulted in the programme he leads consistently producing highly employable graduates. Furthermore, such is the culture of the programme, graduates are keen to maintain links and give something back. This allows for strong partnerships with the organisations that alumni work for, which is beneficial to current students seeking work experience opportunities. Additionally, alumni offer advice and guidance to current students through a post-graduate mentoring scheme, which was first suggested by Level 6 students who had valued their experiences on the programme, and which is facilitated by David. The willingness of graduates to volunteer their time in various ways for the benefit of current students is testament to the ‘virtuous circle’ culture that David has created. The student experience on the programme he leads benefits significantly from his enthusiasm and commitment to valuable educative enhancements and, for this, I believe he deserves recognition.
Awarded dateJun 2016
Degree of recognitionLocal

ID: 12348067