University of Hertfordshire

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This study investigated an experimental compound providing proof of mechanism data in Type 1 model of diabetes.

Layman's description

Potential new mechanism and drug for treatment of diabetic neuropathic pain

Key findings

•Provided novel data to broaden our understanding on blocking TRPA1 mechanism in our diabetes neuropathic pain model.
•Identified the potential of targeting TRPA1 receptors in diabetic neuropathic pain.
•Built on the recent identification of the first pain biomarker in diabetes by evaluating the functional role of methylglyoxal (indirectly through TRPA1 modulation) on T1D complications.
•Demonstrated the dose related efficacy (2.5-10mgkg po, over 10 days) and exposure (PK/PD) data of compound ORM and pregabalin in STZ model of diabetes induced neuropathic pain to help guide future dose selection for clinical trials.

ID: 12842130