University of Hertfordshire

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  • Greenhalgh, Trisha (PI)
  • Shaw, Sara (Researcher)
  • Wherton, Joe (Researcher)
  • Hughes, Gemma (Researcher)
  • Lynch, Jennifer (Researcher)
  • Hinder, Sue (Researcher)
  • A'Court, Christine (Researcher)
  • Sorell, Tom (Researcher)
  • Byrne, Emma (Researcher)
  • Fahy, Nick (Researcher)
  • Finlayson, Alexander (Researcher)
  • Stones, Rob (Researcher)


SCALS is a Wellcome Trust funded programme involving 5 organisational case studies led by researchers from University of Oxford, University of Hertfordshire, University of Warwick, Queen Mary University of London and University of Western Sydney. It explores and addresses organisational barriers to the creative and adaptive use of assisted living technologies by older people with chronic illness and the people who support them (health and social care staff, technology designers, technical support staff, lay carers).

ID: 10738327