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Original languageEnglish
JournalIndustrial Marketing Management
Journal publication date2019
Publication statusSubmitted - 2019


Those doctoral researchers in business-to-business marketing who have substantial prior experience in business practice offer the opportunity for a valuable, constructive dialogue between ‘theory’ and ‘practice’. However, for this dialogue to be genuinely constructive there needs to be a mutual understanding of the complementarity of knowledge-creation processes in the worlds of the academic and the practitioner. Employing a reflective approach to engaged scholarship, through which they explore their own experiences as students and supervisors in doctoral research programmes involving highly-experienced candidates, the authors identify sources of tension that can inhibit mutual understanding and effective knowledge co-creation. These reflections also suggest how tensions may be resolved so leading to the greater depth of insight that proponents of engaged scholarship claim can emerge from such participative research approaches. In particular, the notion of performative co-creation of knowledge, through which theory that meets the academic criterion of relevance and the practical criterion of usefulness, is advocated.

ID: 16188231