University of Hertfordshire

  • Jeremy Arden
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Original languageEnglish
PublisherClock and Rose Press
Number of pages129
ISBN (Print)1593860323, 9781593860325
Publication statusPublished - 2008


This is the first serious contribution to field of Schillinger studies since 1946 when the original books first appeared. Course B distills all the rhythmic techniques described by Schillinger into one coherent overview and shows how the System may be used effectively to compose music of real substance. This is a significant insight and advancement of the subject and involves much original thought in the form of compositional examples and the synthesis of ideas into new configurations. Schillinger’s ideas are reevaluated in the light of current trends in musical culture and psychology. The book contains important original research in the field of North Indian classical music and shows how its rhythmic structure agrees with certain key aspects of Schillinger’s theory.

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