University of Hertfordshire

Resource efficiency profiling

Research output: Working paper


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Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Hertfordshire
Publication statusPublished - 1994

Publication series

NameBusiness School Working Papers
PublisherUniversity of Hertfordshire
VolumeUHBS 1994: 8


Consider a set of decision-making units (DMUs, e.g. branches ,departments, firms) which employ a variety of resources to produce multiple outputs. The units being compared may be in the public sector e.g. health or education, so that the outputs and inputs need not be measured in monetary terms. We present two methods for evaluating the relative efficiency with which each individual resource input is utilised at each organizational unit. Unlike DEA (data envelopment analysis) a large data set is not required and the discriminatory power is shown to be higher.

ID: 83272