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    Pawlewski, M., Ariyaeeinia, A. & Sivakumaran, P., 22 Apr 1999, IPC No. G06K 9/62, Patent No. WO1999019865

    Research output: Patent

  3. Particle Asymmetry Analyser

    Ludlow, I. & Kaye, P. H., 30 Sep 1992, Patent No. EP0316171 B1

    Research output: Patent

  4. Patent: Preparation of pyrrole derivatives as S100 protein binding interaction inhibitors for the treatment of cancer and other diseases

    Reddy, T. R. K., Li, C., Fischer, P. M. & Dekker, L. V., 4 Aug 2011, IPC No. A61K31/4015 (2006.01), Patent No. WO 2011/092505 A1

    Research output: Patent

  5. Portable Particle Analysers

    Ludlow, I. & Kaye, P. H., 29 Jul 1992, Patent No. EP0316172 B1

    Research output: Patent

  6. Solid dosage forms comprising an enteric coating with accelerated drug release

    Liu, F., Basit, A. W., Lizio, R., Petereit, H., Meier, C. & Damm, M., 2007, Patent No. PCT/EP2007/054398

    Research output: Patent

  7. Speaker Verification

    Ariyaeeinia, A., Pillay, S. G. & Pawlewski, M., 6 May 2010, IPC No. G10L 17/00, Patent No. WO/2010/049695

    Research output: Patent

  8. Transglutaminase Crosslinked Collagen Biomaterial for Medical Implant Materials

    Griffin, M., Collighan, R. J., Chau, D. Y. S. & Verderio Edwards, E., 16 Mar 2006, Patent No. WO2006027622

    Research output: Patent

  9. Use of spongosine (2-methoxy adenosein) for the treatment of pain, in particular hyperalgesia

    Lione, L., Richardson, P. J. & Lee, K., 2007, Patent No. US2007/0010475

    Research output: Patent

  10. Use of spongosine (2-methoxy adenosein) for the treatment of pain, in particular hyperalgesia

    Richardson, P. & Lione, L., 24 Jun 2004, IPC No. A61K 31/7076, Patent No. WO/2004/052377 , Priority No. 0228723.3

    Research output: Patent

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