University of Hertfordshire

  • Kirsty McDougall
  • Francis Nolan
  • Toby Hudson
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Original languageEnglish
Number of pages17
Pages (from-to)257-272
Journal publication date1 Feb 2016
Early online date4 Dec 2015
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2016


The effect of telephone transmission on a listener's ability to recognise a speaker in a voice parade is investigated. A hundred listeners (25 per condition) heard 1 of 5 ‘target' voices, then returned a week later for a voice parade. The 4 conditions were: target exposure and parade both at studio quality; exposure and parade both at telephone quality; studio exposure with telephone parade, and vice versa. Fewer correct identifications followed from telephone exposure and parade (64%) than from studio exposure and parade (76%). Fewer still resulted for studio exposure/telephone parade (60%) and, dramatically, only 32% for telephone exposure/studio parade. Certain speakers were identified more readily than others across all conditions. Confidence ratings reflected this effect of speaker, but not the effect of exposure/parade condition.


McDougall K., Nolan F., Hudson T., 'Telephone Transmission and Earwitnesses: Performance on Voice Parades Controlled for Voice Similarity', Phonetica, Vol. 72 (4): 257-272, February 2016, doi:

ID: 10520431