University of Hertfordshire

  • John G. Love
  • Philip W. Sutton
  • Hector Williams
  • Andrea Mayrhofer
  • Chris Yuill
  • Ann P. Love
  • Yvonne Millman
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Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAberdeen
PublisherThe Robert Gordon University _ School of Applied Social Studies
Commissioning bodyScottish Executive: National Strategy and Action Plan to Prevent Suicide in Scotland
Number of pages95
Publication statusPublished - 2007


Aims & Objectives: The research was commissioned by the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership in 2004 as part of its Choose Life Local Implementation Plan. The research has sought to address objectives 1 and 7 in the national Choose Life strategy, focusing on ‘Early Intervention and Prevention’ and ‘Knowing what works’. The study has taken the form of a three-year ‘action research’ project (extended in March 2006 to a five year study 2004 - 2008). Longitudinal in design, the study has combined multiple methodologies including a literature review, ethnography, a series of school-based surveys, interviews and focus group discussions with young people, parents, teachers and relevant professionals. It was designed to achieve the following: 1/ to provide insight into the relationship between self-esteem, ‘emotional literacy’ and ‘deliberate self-harm’ among young people. 2/ to inform the development of an ‘intervention’ in Portlethen that will be available to all children as a means of enabling them to increase their self-esteem and ‘emotional literacy’ with consequent impact on their involvement in ‘deliberate self-harm’. 3/ to enable key stakeholders to develop effective ways of joint working to promote emotional wellbeing among young people. Reporting of Results The research has identified a range of related and overlapping themes which form essence of emotional wellbeing.

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