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My research involves the study of hand gestures as a form of communication that can influence others. I have investigated the role that gestures play in misleading eyewitnesses during police interviews and how covert this process of nonverbal suggestion can be. Since completing my PhD on this topic, I have been interested in studying how information can be conveyed to others nonverbally across a variety of communicative situations (including interviews, in attraction and in marketing). Currently, I am also interested in how gestures can be used to detect deception in others, and how gesture behaviour changes in different scenarios.

Research interests

* Eyewitness memory, and the susceptibility to misinformation conveyed through gesture.
* Nonverbal behaviour, and the role of hand gestures across a variety of communicative situations.
* Deception detection, and nonverbal cues associated with this.
* Personality differences and social identity theory.


Teaching specialisms

* Module leader for 'Nonverbal Behaviour' BSc (PSY2)
* Module leader for 'Research Methods for Psychologists' BSc (PSY1)
* Module leader for 'Psychology in Action' (PSY1)
* PSY1 tutor

Commercial and public engagement

* Frequent presentations (oral and poster) at BPS conferences (Winner of BPS Poster Prize 2011)
* Numerous press work and media articles on gestural misinformation research
* Frequent online experiments of public interest


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