Professor Daniele Moyal-Sharrock

Professor of Philosophy


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Wittgenstein, Epistemology, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Literature, Aristotle, Literature, Gender


Professor Danièle Moyal-Sharrock joined the Philosophy Department at the University of Hertfordshire in 2007. Much of her work focuses on what she calls ‘the Third Wittgenstein’: the post-Investigations works; and in particular On Certainty, to which she devoted a book-length study: Understanding Wittgenstein's On Certainty (Palgrave 2004/2007). She is the translator in French of On Certainty (Gallimard, 2006). A new branch of epistemology, Hinge Epistemology, has resulted from her combined efforts, with Annalisa Coliva and Duncan Pritchard, to disseminate the insights of On Certainty, as have edited volumes: Hinge Epistemology (2016) with Annalisa Coliva, and Extending Hinge Epistemology (2022) with Constantine Sandis. She has also written on Wittgenstein's role in the current e-turn in philosophy, notably on how his pioneering Enactivism has contributed to a better understanding of mind, language, action, memory, and informed such disciplines as psychology, sociology, primatology, the sciences of education and the cognitive sciences. A selection of these writings can be found in Certainty in Action: Wittgenstein on language, mind and epistemology (Bloomsbury, 2021). Her most recent book, co-authored with Prof. Constantine Sandis, is entitled: Real Gender: A Cis Defence of Trans Realities (Polity, 2023).

Professor Moyal-Sharrock also works on the philosophy of literature. 

She is founding president of the British Wittgenstein Society (BWS).

Teaching specialisms

Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Art, Aristotle

Commercial and public engagement

President, British Wittgenstein Society

Education/Academic qualification

Comparative Literature, PhD, University Paris Sorbonne

Philosophy, PhD, University of Geneva


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