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Dr Mark Mukherjee Campbell is a senior lecturer who teaches architectural history and theory and design at various levels.

Born and educated in Glasgow, he has worked in practice both there and in Berlin, where he worked on a variety of housing and infrastructural projects before going on to undertake a PhD.

Dr Campbell’s research interests include colonial and postcolonial architecture and urbanism; space, difference and conviviality; migration, dwelling and space; histories and futures of home; the city and post/modernity; literary and cinematic representations of the city; and architecture and utopia.

Dr Campbell recently published a book entitled Architecture and Urbanism in a Contact Zone: Histories of Difference, Migrancy and Dwelling in Kolkata (Routledge), which explores several of these themes.

His current research investigates questions of ecology, migration and space as it relates to different kinds of territories in Bengal.


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