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Sourabh is a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the School of Physics, Engineering & Technology, University of Hertfordshire.

He was previously involved with REALM, an Innovate UK sponsored project where he investigated wear resistant coatings on metal substrates using laser assisted in-situ Direct Energy Deposition methods. The project was a collaborative effort between University of Hertfordshire and two British SMEs.

Sourabh has prior experience in both subtractive and additive manufacturing. He developed an interest in precision grinding of cermets which was what he worked on for his Masters' dissertation, which led to a general curiosity about machining processes and its ability to efficiently process 'difficult to machine' materials like ceramics, composites and aerospace alloys. He was offered the Doctoral Academy Scholarship by the University of Sheffield to explore different additive manufacturing strategies regarding processing of aerospace alloys.

The stint at Sheffield helped him specialise in Binder Jetting with a focus on Inconel 718, a precipitation strengthened nickel alloy and also develop a love for different material characterisation methods including microscopy techniques, X ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy. Since joining UH, he has been exploring nano-indentation as an effective tool for additively manufactured coatings, understanding the scope of the technique which is new to him.

Research interests

  • Laser assisted Direct Energy Deposition
  • Binder Jetting of Superalloys
  • Subtractive Manufacturing 

Education/Academic qualification

Mechanical Engineering, PhD, The University of Sheffield


Mechanical Engineering, MS, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)


Mechanical Engineering, BTech, Haldia Institute of Technology, West Bengal University of Technology



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