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We will stage an exhibition housed in an unused retail-unit. The audience will be invited to explore how food is acquired as we age, to illustrate the joys and challenges of eating a safe, nutritious and socially acceptable diet. A picture paints a thousand words- images and video will be used to tell stories of ‘25’ participants aged 60-93 years.

The audience will see the lives of people who live – and eat - alone or with family. People will ‘shop’, wander through allotments and consider how these activities can be sustained into later life. The audience will peer at life-sized images of kitchens, cupboards and fridges, see what it is like to eat ‘meals on wheels’ or a homecooked meal. This format means the audience can transcend boundaries of academic research and understand how social science can illuminate the everyday.

The event will be open to the public for 5 days, including:

A seminar targeted at retailers/third sector participants which will challenge attendees to consider how they could respond to the vulnerabilities of older people through taking part in our interactive ‘participology’ game.

An evening ‘café scientifique’ event: researchers will speak to a public audience about the study.
Effective start/end date6/11/1710/11/17


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