3D Print Pow Wow

  • Borstrock, Shaun (PI)

Project: Research

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This Digital Experience, a 3D PowWow aims to clarify the often confusingly broad range of technologies within 3D printing and additive manufacturing, and make it clear to overlooked and disadvantaged groups that this form of digital activity, is not beyond their reach to enlighten by the potential of digital making.
The event is a programme of webinars broadcasted to beneficiaries in the UK and SA; most will participate in the programme using their own technology (laptop, mobile phone); in SA we will also host groups of 10 people in 3 locations to accommodate those who have no access to own computer / no access to uncapped data for live streaming.
We will, through our extensive network engage with and enable a broad pool of
disadvantaged beneficiaries. These include disabled designers, women and emergent talent from different creative disciplines including jewellery design, interior design, fashion and product design. A 3D PowWow
Effective start/end date15/02/2131/05/21


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