A Synergy between a humanoid robot and a personal mobile device as a novel intervention tool for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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This is a Erasmus+ proposal led by a hospital in Macedonia in which UH is a partner. This is a resubmission of an unsuccessful proposal.
Taking into consideration that the provision of support for people with disabilities is one of the core principles of the Erasmus+ Program, we are pointing out the Open and innovative practices, in a digital era horizontal priority as the most relevant with regards to the objectives of our project. Through developing ICT related tools (use of socially assisted robot in conjunction with Apps for personal mobile devices), this project is directly supporting the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies in
education. The objectives of our project are matching the Social Inclusion horizontal priority with regards to supporting the actions for
improvement of learning performances of disadvantaged learners (testing of a novel approach for improvement of learning performances of children with autism). Finally, the objectives of our project are complementary to the sectoral priority for supporting innovation and creativity, through partnerships and inter and transdisciplinary approaches, and strengthening the role of higher education regionally. The project connects higher education partners specialized in the fields of working with children with disabilities and provision of ICT
technologies. This creative partnership is forged with an aim of introducing novel creative method for improvement of learning performances of children with autism and strengthening the role of the higher education institutions as pioneers with regards to the innovation.
Effective start/end date15/10/1830/11/20


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