Accelerated experience-based co-design of the Haemato-Oncology Clinical Nursing Specialist Services

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The nursing support for patients with a haematological (blood cancer) requires review to see if it is best meeting patient need. We wish to develop a co-desgned service to ensure patients are driving the service changes required.
We recognise that the service needs to change to meet the growing size of our caseload but also to reflect different ways of working and the advances in technology that are changing the way our patients access support.
We know from feedback that patients are frustrated at the lack of support they receive and the staff within the service report being unable deliver the best support to all the patients due to service constraints. This co-desgned project will give us a structure to build a service around and this will be evidenced in improved patient experience and increased staff satisfaction. We will also use the celebration event as a way of understanding how the changes have made a difference.

This proposed SE involves two focus groups and a stakeholder event including out-patients to talk through and evaluate the current service in relation to services supplied by/contacting Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) (and is in conjunction with a questionnaire). The focus groups will be independently moderated to ensure a range of views are considered, and foster open communication about service improvements, including diagnostic pathways and ongoing support. These will take place on the ENHT site.
Short titleMacmillan Haem onc grant
Effective start/end date7/07/20 → …


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