AISLA - Analyse and Improve Spatial LAyout of care homes

  • Carta, Silvio (PI)
  • Turchi, Tommaso (Researcher)
  • Papadopoulou, Foteini (Researcher)

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Informing retrofitting and net-zero policy for care homes

Layman's description

This is a collaboration with King's Fund to develop a novel method to analyse and generate spatial configurations (floor plans and three-dimensional environments) for the retrofitting of existing care homes. We will develop a web-based app that will help care home facilities managers to assess existing care homes and visualise possible options for retrofitting based on net-zero strategies. The app will i) analyse existing layouts of care homes, providing a number of performance ratings and suggesting points for improvements; and ii) it will generate new spatial configurations based on pre-set design criteria and performance indicators. The criteria originate from a combination of therapeutic design elements (from existing literature, e.g. in Carta et al. 2020), net zero strategies (e.g in Jankovic, Carta et al. 2021) and from users’ feedback (from King's Fund through co-creation of humans and computational methods).
Short titleAISLA
Effective start/end date1/12/2131/03/22


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