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Analysis will be performed on the NDA dataset so that we can determine which patient factors require further investigation in order to identify patients with a high risk of developing CKD.

We wish to ascertain whether there are any changes from 2008 in patients with DM and CKD and to explore other possible contributing factors, such as; attainment of the three target measures (glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol); care process completion; gender; ethnicity; social deprivation; obesity; smoking status; and complications that could be used to identify those high-risk patients who may benefit from closer monitoring or further targeted interventions.

As a result, services can be tailored to the CKD DM population and individual CCGs can target those at high-risk of complications based on any regional differences or patient phenotypes. Unmet needs can be highlighted to service providers so that they can be addressed and individually tailored to their areas.
Short titleDKD in NDA dataset
Effective start/end date3/10/2229/09/23


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