Analysis of Initial Data: Innovating on Social Impact Bonds: A Case for Rewilding Africa

  • Carlson, Ezra (PI)
  • Naeem, Muhammad (Researcher)

Project: Research

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Rewilding Africa is a UK-registered Community Interest Company (RWA) that is developing, and implementing, a new multi-land use, multiple revenue stream conservation economy model in South Africa, that differs from the traditional charity-funded conservation ‘fortification’ projects of the past. This requires combining several stakeholder groups (investors, implementors, evaluators, and payers) to fund and deliver social environmental (SDG) and financial outcomes. However, current conservation funding mechanisms don’t support RWA’s new model preventing their progress.

We have collected primary and secondary data and now analysing this towards developing a conceptual framework, for publication where, as well as being used towards making a larger follow-on research ESRC grant application.

Layman's description

We have collected data and now analysing it for publication and use towards supporting our ESRC grant application.
Short titleRewilding Africa
Effective start/end date20/06/2431/07/24


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