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The assessment outcome of a Graded Discussion Board focusing on teamwork, collaboration, and contribution to research typically involves evaluating each contributor's participation based on several criteria:

1. Active Participation: This involves how actively each participant engages in the discussion. Are they consistently contributing, asking questions, responding to others, and offering insights? Their frequency and quality of participation indicate their level of engagement with the topic and the group.

2. Contribution to Research: Participants should demonstrate their understanding of the topic and contribute relevant research or evidence to support their arguments or viewpoints. This could include citing credible sources, referencing academic literature, or providing examples that add depth to the discussion.

3. Quality of Contributions: Assessors evaluate the quality of each participant's contributions. Are their comments insightful, well-reasoned, and supported by evidence? Do they offer unique perspectives or raise thought-provoking questions that enrich the discussion? Quality contributions show critical thinking and a depth of understanding.

4. Teamwork and Collaboration: Since the focus is on teamwork and collaboration, assessors consider how well participants interact with each other. Do they build on each other's ideas, offer constructive feedback, and foster a supportive environment for discussion? Collaboration skills such as active listening, empathy, and respectful communication are key factors.

5. Synthesis and Integration: Effective contributors not only present their own ideas but also integrate and synthesise the contributions of others. They demonstrate the ability to connect different viewpoints, identify common themes, and move the discussion forward towards deeper understanding or resolution.

6. Respectful Engagement: Respectful communication is essential in fostering a positive and productive discussion environment. Participants should demonstrate respect for diverse viewpoints, engage in constructive dialogue, and refrain from derogatory or dismissive language.

After assessing each participant's performance based on these criteria, grades or feedback are assigned accordingly. Those who actively engage, contribute substantively to research, demonstrate teamwork and collaboration, and maintain respectful communication are likely to receive higher grades. Conversely, those who are passive, fail to contribute meaningfully, or exhibit disruptive behaviour may receive lower grades or feedback aimed at improving their participation in future discussions.
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