BAFTSS (British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies) Event Grant - Queer Fears

  • Elliott-Smith, Darren (PI)

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Proposed symposium, ‘Queer Fear’ to celebrate/coincide with the release/publication of edited collection on New Queer Horror Television (University of Wales Press 2019) (coedited with Dr John Edgar Browning, Georgia Tech, USA).

The symposium will invite papers from contributors to the collection and wider from academic/researchers in Queer Horror in Film and TV as an emerging sub-genre of Horror.
The symposium will also incorporate a screening/possible series of screenings at The Odyssey Cinema, St Albans (as part of our collaborative outreach work with them in programming and delivering research to local/national audiences).

We currently co-programme screenings and events at The Odyssey Cinema in St Albans and are hoping to contribute to the cost of film hire for a public screening, using distributor Park Circus.

This event will celebrate the release of an innovative new edited collection on New Queer Horror Film and TV texts. With contributions from developing ECRs and established academic. The event will hopefully launch as Queer Horror Academic Network – the hub of which will be based at the University of Hertfordshire. The Queer Horror Academic Network will hopefully begin development in 2019/2020. This will be an off-shoot of the currently established Open Graves, Open Minds Project that exists at the University of Hertfordshire and upon which I sit as a member of the academic board. See:
Short titleSymposium Funding Queer Fears
Effective start/end date4/02/1912/08/19


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