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This project involved the research and development of 10 prototype so-called 'Biovariant-1' personal samplers. These would be collar-worn devices that collected the aerosol to which a person was explosed over a prolonged perion, typically 8 hours.

Layman's description

Occupational aerosols to which workers are regularly exposed in a wide variety of industrial, agricultural and potentially military scenarios, are a major health hazard. The BV-1 perosonal samplers developed under this proposal are small, lightweight, and self-contained devices that continually sample the aerosols to which a wearer is exposed for later quantification and analysis.

Key findings

The samplers were 3D printed battery-powered devices that became the forerunner of the Arosa Ltd CPAS and CPAM samplers now being sold commercially across Europe.
Short titleBV-1 R&D
Effective start/end date31/05/1828/07/18


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