BRACE: Building Bhutanese Resilience Against Cataclysmic Events

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BRACE is a transdisciplinary project that aims to forge new relationships among scientists and policy makers to address seismic risk and develop resilience-building strategies. This will be achieved through a collaborative research approach which aims to reduce earthquake disaster risk by bringing geological, geomorphological and seismological work into conversation with both historical records held in Bhutanese archives and with research into contemporary Bhutanese governance, disaster preparedness, and effective communication strategies for risk reduction. By merging new research in these fields with close consultation with in-country policymakers and engineers, our long-term aim is to develop a sustainable framework for improving Bhutanese resilience to earthquakes and their cascading effects on environment, infrastructure, and society.
Short titleBRACE
Effective start/end date9/01/1728/02/18


  • GB Physical geography
  • H Social Sciences (General)


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