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This is Royal Academy of Engineering - Distinguished International Associate - Round 3 funded project.

It is urgent for solar energy utilization technology, as well as one of the core of zero-carbon emission energy systems, to break through a series of technical bottlenecks such as low conversion efficiency and unstable fluctuation. This project focuses on the construction of new systems and the development of new
materials to explore the solid particle based solar receiver technology for multi-component particles system by the complementary advantages and close cooperation of Chinese and British engineers and technicians. The project will establish, develop and demonstrate a novel technique for the efficient,
wide-band and body absorption of solar energy in conjugate gas-solid two-phase systems. The outcome of the project is expected to provide a new technical approach for the realization the combination of solar energy full-spectrum efficient absorption and high temperature thermal energy storage, and make up for the shortages of current solar energy utilization technologies.
Effective start/end date6/03/236/03/25


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