Carbon monoxide pre-hospital screening study

  • Scott, Patricia (PI)
  • Foster, Theresa (CoI)

Project: Other

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This collaborative study received £52,276 funding by the Gas Safety Trust.

In the UK around 50 people die per year from carbon monoxide poisoning but we don’t know how many people have long term low level exposure. Their symptoms often go unrecognised and therefore untreated. This collaborative study led by East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust study will test for this low level exposure and raise awareness of a problem which many people aren’t aware exists. Ambient air carbon monoxide analysers will be worn by ambulance clinicians and where necessary, carbon monoxide exposed patients will receive emergency treatment and will also be referred to the National Gas Emergency Service who will make sure their environment is safe. Carbon monoxide exposed patients and ambulance personnel will then be invited to participate in research interviews for their views on their carbon monoxide experience. The research should inform whether carbon monoxide screening should be part of routine observations in the UK ambulance setting.
Effective start/end date1/09/1515/03/17


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