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Following the establishment of Beacon for offering enhanced victim services, the Beacon website had carried a page on restorative justice. The web stats for traffic to the website show that the RJ page is regularly visited. This is not unexpected as the IPSOS MORI survey of public opinion conducted in summer 2014 showed that the public ( in this case, in Hatfield, where the focus group was held) wanted more information and clarity about restorative justice.
Currently, the University of Hertfordshire hosts web pages on Restorative Justice under the URL http://www.herts.ac.uk/apply/schools-of-study/law/restorative-justice
The web page contains the following pods:
• What is Restorative Justice?
• Restorative Justice Strategy 2015-2018
• Our People
• Restorative Justice Events
• Make an enquiry

While these contain relevant information for this stage of the implementation of the strategy, it will not suffice for the purposes required in the future. A bespoke website will enable accommodation of the growing RJ programme.
The content will be written and designed by the RJ team at the School of Law. The new website will operate under the URL www.cerj.co.uk
Short titleCeRJ website
Effective start/end date1/02/1631/07/16


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