Characteristics of suspended sediment in the Carpathian catchment using geochemical markers (sediment fingerprints)

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The main objective of my research is to characterize suspended sediment in water reservoir catchments through the development and appointment of a typical geochemical marker set (sediment fingerprints) for this region. Based on the comparison of the indicator concentration (such as heavy metals, nutrients and organic compounds) in suspended sediment, bottom sediments and soil, I attempt to determine also origin of the suspended sediment in the studied catchments. Integration of field and laboratory work and the use of sediment fingerprinting will enhance the knowledge on aquatic environment pollution in the studied region, but also will create a useful tool to assess the contamination of the other reservoirs.
Effective start/end date9/10/178/10/19


  • GE Environmental Sciences
  • suspended matter
  • bottom sediment
  • Carpathian catchment
  • sediment fingerprints


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