Cloud radiosondes measurements on the Antarctic Peninsula

  • Ulanowski, Joseph (PI)
  • Hirst, Edwin (CoI)

Project: Other

Project Details


Radiosondes developed at CAIR will be provided for cloud and aerosol measurements on the Antarctic Peninsula carried out in collaboration with the University of Santiago, Chile. The goals are to:
• Measure low-cloud properties in situ over the Antarctic Peninsula, Southern Ocean, and West Antarctic Ice Sheet.
• Validate satellite-based measurements and compare results with reanalysis data and surface-based measurements made elsewhere in Antarctica.
• Investigate the influence of sea ice concentration on cloudiness in the Southern Ocean, using these measurements and satellite-based measurements.
• Validate and improve the representation of clouds and radiation in forecast modelling.

Layman's description

Unique balloon-borne radiosondes capable of measuring the size of cloud and aerosol particles will be used to determine the contribution of clouds to the rapid warming currently happening in the Antarctic.
Short titleEscudero
Effective start/end date1/12/1631/03/20


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