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Many people find it daunting to leave a mental health hospital. It can be hard to adjust to being out of hospital. This means that there is a risk of becoming unwell again and needing to go back into hospital. Despite this, people often find that their discharge from hospital is not well planned. In this project we want to find out how we can make better plans with people who are leaving a mental health hospital and returning home.

This project uses a process called a ‘systems approach,’ which is used by engineers to identify and solve problems. It involves looking closely at the steps in a process. A systems approach is useful for this project as preparing people for discharge involves a number of clear steps. It will help us to understand why some discharges are not well planned. We want to find out what people need to stay well after leaving hospital.

In this project we will work with people who have experience of mental health problems, healthcare professionals, and researchers. Together we will design tools and guidance to help people who are in hospital work with their healthcare professionals to make clear plans for their discharge. These plans will centre on people’s individual needs and will help people to think about how to maintain good mental health and wellbeing after they leave hospital.
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Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/24


  • Mental health
  • Coproduction
  • hospital discharge


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