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As a data management professional at Tesco Retail, I led the implementation of a comprehensive program aimed at managing vast amounts of data produced by the business. This program included various aspects such as data governance, data quality, data security, data integration, data warehousing and analytics, master data management, data archiving and retention, and consumer data privacy strategies. My focus was on the HR & Finance data warehousing and analytics program, where I aimed to analyse large datasets, extract valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions.

To ensure data accuracy, consistency, and compliance with regulations, I established policies, standards, and procedures for data management through data governance. I defined the roles and responsibilities of data owners, data stewards, and data custodians. Data quality was another critical aspect that I focused on to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data used in Tesco Retail. I identified data quality issues, implemented quality assurance procedures, and tracked data quality metrics to ensure data accuracy.
Effective start/end date10/02/2030/10/20


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