Delivering a healthy and sustainable food economy in the Letchworth Garden City.

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Aims of project
1. To assess the ways in which the Letchworth Garden City is food economy, from production through to consumption, can be developed to enhance both local economic growth and the health, well being, and environmental sustaionability of the City and its community.
2. To identify the management, planning and governance practice(s) of greatest benefit to the implementation of the Letchworth land stewardship model to meet the previous aim.

Brief project outline
The project will underpin and improve the economic base of Letchworth in relation to food applying planning, policy and governace tools which are of practical benefit to the townspeople and their health and well being, and the sustainability of the community and its environment. It allows the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation (LGCHF) to benefit from substantial external resources through the LEP and the time and expertise of UH staff to develop these benefits.
The project will contribute to the land stewardship model at the heart of the Garden City’s governance and provides food economy benefits to the town’s residents. These benefits will embrace food production and consumption, including production spaces, and links to food delivery, availability and retail, as well as the food economy as socio-cultural experience and learning vehicle, with resultant public health dividends. The research will provide technological and applied methods for mapping and enabling these food economy activities and good practices with employment and commercial outcomes. The student will spend the first year working in the Letchworth identifying and defining the specific project needs for the LGCHF.
The work helps directly connect Ebenezer Howard’s original principles in relation to the food economy to the current and future functioning of the town. It provides knowledge that can be disseminated widely that adds to understanding of Letchworth as an exemplar Garden City in food and economic terms.
Effective start/end date30/10/1729/10/21


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