Dementia education and training across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

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Purpose: People with dementia require care at home, in care homes and in hospitals, which has implications for the current and future workforce in health and social care. To inform regional workforce development planning in dementia care, Health Education East of England commissioned an organisational audit of current dementia training at NHS Trusts and in social care across Hertfordshire
and Bedfordshire.

Key findings

Findings: Whilst there was considerable investment in dementia awareness training, learning was not targeted, assessed or structured to ensure on-going professional development. Practical implications: This has implications for workforce development and career-progression for staff responsible for the care of older people with dementia. Conclusion: if a future workforce is expected to lead,
coordinate, support and provide dementia care across health and social care, a qualifying curriculum could play a critical part in ensuring quality and consistency of approach and provision.
Effective start/end date1/09/1431/12/14


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