Developing an ante-natal intervention to promote infant mental health

  • Kendall, Sally (PI)
  • Nash, Avril (CoI)

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Main research questions: What is the appropriate content and format of the MBB-AN intervention? and Is the AN TOPSE a reliable measure?
The aim is to develop a universal intervention that can be used in community settings to support parents during the ante-natal period to use effective interaction with their babies in order to develop secure attachment and promote infant mental health. We will develop an ante-natal intervention based on the Five to Thrive approach: Respond, Cuddle, Relax, Play, Talk, using the idea that a series of manageable steps enables key messages about brain development and attachment behaviours to take hold in parents' minds (Kate Cairns Associates).
Develop the acceptability, content, format and timing of the new MBB-AN
Develop the theory of change and logic model required to ensure the components will lead to the appropriate outcomes (secure attachment, parenting self-efficacy)
Refine and test the model programme
Reach a consensus with all stakeholders on the components of the intervention and the desired outcomes that could be tested in a future pilot trial to be submitted to RfPB.
Test the reliability of the Ante-natal version of TOPSE (Tool to measure Parenting Self Efficacy) as an outcome measure
Short titleMBB development
Effective start/end date1/04/1631/03/17


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